Time to start planning ahead

We know it’s only December, but now’s the time to start looking ahead a few months to the start of our 2017 season.

Last season saw us chasing teams for fees after the season was over, and that’s just can’t happen again. We need the money to pay for all manner of expenses, none more so than our obligation to the Scottish Welfare FA and its mandatory insurance.

We had to pull in a lot of favours and stretch good will to snapping point last year to continue going, so it’s imperative we start 2017 on the front foot. Therefore now’s the time for clubs to start raising funds so that all dues can be paid at the AGM, well ahead of the season’s start. This will also put us back in the SWFA’s good books! All it takes is a wee bit of organising and planning. We’ll be happy to help promote Club events in any way we can.

Our kit deal with Football Nation Teamwear is also still on the table, so this is also a good time to look at getting new strips etc. The offer is there so take it if you can.

Apologies if this comes across as a bit demanding, but unfortunately that’s the nature of the financial beast. We’d just rather tame it than face it’s teeth again!

Thanks all.

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