Fixtures & Results

Week 1
Tue 25 April 6:45pm

Aviemore P-P Tomatin Utd
Spey Valley P-P Aviemore Thistle
Boat of Garten P-P Grantown Utd

Stuart Cup Round 1
Fri 28 April 6:45pm

Tomatin Utd 3-2 Boat of Garten
Spey Valley 0-4 Grantown Utd

Week 2
Tue 2 May 7pm

Tomatin Utd 1-4 Grantown Utd
Spey Valley 1-6 Boat of Garten
Aviemore 3-3 Aviemore Thistle

Stuart Cup Semi Final
Fri 5 May 7pm

Tomatin Utd 0-3 Grantown Utd
(Walkover win)
Aviemore 5-2 Aviemore Thistle

Week 3
Tue 9 May 7pm

Aviemore Thistle 6-1 Tomatin Utd
Boat of Garten 4-4 Aviemore
Grantown Utd 5-0 Spey Valley

Stuart Cup Final
Fri 12 May 7pm (at Tomatin)

Grantown Utd 2-3 Aviemore

Week 4
Tue 16 May 7pm

Tomatin Utd 3-5 Spey Valley
Grantown Utd 9-1 Aviemore
Aviemore Thistle 5-2 Boat of Garten

McCook Cup Round 1
Fri 19 May 7pm

Spey Valley 6-5 Aviemore Thistle
Aviemore 0-3 Grantown Utd
(Walkover win)

Week 5
Tue 23 May 7pm

Boat of Garten 3-5 Tomatin Utd
Grantown Utd 1-2 Aviemore Thistle
Aviemore 4-4 Spey Valley

McCook Cup Semi Final
Fri 26 May 7pm

Spey Valley 0-9 Grantown Utd
Tomatin 4-3 Boat of Garten

Week 6
Tue 30 May 7pm

Tomatin Utd 1-3 Aviemore
Aviemore Thistle 4-0 Spey Valley
Grantown Utd 14-0 Boat of Garten

McCook Cup Final
Fri 2 June 7:15pm at Aviemore

Grantown Utd 10-0 Tomatin Utd

Week 7
Tue 6 June 7:15pm

Grantown Utd 8-0 Tomatin Utd
Boat of Garten P-P Spey Valley
Aviemore Thistle 4-5 Aviemore

Revack Cup Round 1
Fri 9 June 7:15pm

Tomatin 0-5 Aviemore Thistle
Aviemore 2-3 Spey Valley

Week 8
Tue 13 June 7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 3-2 Aviemore Thistle
Aviemore 6-3 Boat of Garten
Spey Valley 3-7 Grantown Utd

Revack Cup Semi Final
Fri 16 June 7:15pm

Aviemore Thistle 7-0 Spey Valley
Grantown Utd 3-2 Boat of Garten

Week 9
Tue 20 June 7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 2-0 Spey Valley
Grantown Utd 4-0 Aviemore
Aviemore Thistle 6-1 Boat of Garten

Revack Cup Final
Fri 23 June 7:15pm

Aviemore Thistle 3-7 Grantown Utd

Week 10
Tue 27 June  7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 6-1 Boat of Garten
Aviemore Thistle 0-3 Grantown Utd
Spey Valley 0-1 Aviemore

Maclean Cup Round 1
Fri 30 June 7:15pm

Boat of Garten 0-6 Aviemore Thistle
Grantown Utd 3-0 Tomatin Utd
(Walkover win)

Week 11
Tue 4 July 7:15pm

Aviemore 3-6 Tomatin Utd
Spey Valley 0-3 Aviemore Thistle
(Walkover win)
Boat of Garten 0-3 Grantown Utd
(Walkover win)

Maclean Cup Semi Final
Fri 7 July 7:15pm

Grantown Utd 4-2 Aviemore Thistle
Aviemore 1-4 Spey Valley

Week 12
Tue 11 July 7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 1-7 Grantown Utd
Spey Valley 3-3 Boat of Garten
Aviemore 0-12 Aviemore Thistle

Maclean Cup Final
Fri 14 July 7:15pm

Grantown Utd 2-1 Spey Valley

Week 13
Tue 18 July 7:15pm

Aviemore Thistle 8-4 Tomatin Utd
Boat of Garten 3-0 Aviemore
(Walkover win)

Grantown Utd 12-0 Spey Valley

Dalvey Cup Round 1
Fri 21 July 7:15pm

Boat of Garten 3-9 Grantown Utd
Aviemore 3-0 Spey Valley
(Walkover win)

Week 14
Tue 25 July 7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 3-0 Spey Valley
(Walkover win)

Aviemore 0-3 Grantown Utd
(Walkover win)

Boat of Garten 1-6 Aviemore Thistle

Dalvey Cup Semi Final
Fri 28 July 7:15pm

Grantown Utd v Aviemore
Aviemore Thistle v Tomatin Utd

Week 15
Tue 1 August 7pm

Boat of Garten v Tomatin Utd
Aviemore Thistle v Grantown Utd
Spey Valley v Aviemore

Dalvey Cup Final
Fri 4 August 7pm


Week 1 (replays)
Tue 8 Aug 7pm
Aviemore v Tomatin Utd
Spey Valley v Aviemore Thistle
Boat of Garten v Grantown Utd

Week 7 (replay)
To be scheduled
Boat of Garten v Spey Valley