2016 Scores & Table

League Week 1
Tuesday 26 April 6:45pm

Boat of Garten Ospreys 5-6 Cromdale
Aviemore Thistle 3-3 Grantown Utd

Revack Cup Round 1
Friday 29 April 6:45pm

Aviemore Thistle 5-3 Boat of Garten Ospreys

League Week 2
Tuesday 3 May 7pm

Tomatin Utd 0-5 Aviemore Thistle
Grantown Utd 5-1 Cromdale

Revack Cup Semi Final
Friday 6 May 7pm

Aviemore Thistle 6-4 Tomatin Utd
Grantown Utd 13-2 Cromdale

League Week 3
Tuesday 10 May 7pm

Boat of Garten Ospreys 2-7 Grantown Utd
Tomatin Utd 5-1 Cromdale

Revack Cup Final
Friday 13 May 7pm (at Aviemore)

Aviemore Thistle 3-2 Grantown Utd

League Week 4
Tuesday 17 May 7pm

Aviemore Thistle 5-2 Cromdale
Tomatin Utd 4-4 Boat of Garten Ospreys

McCook Cup Round 1
Friday 20 May 7pm

Aviemore Thistle 11-3 Tomatin Utd

League Week 5
Tuesday 24 May 7pm

Grantown Utd 7-1 Tomatin Utd
Boat of Garten Ospreys 2-4 Aviemore Thistle

McCook Cup Semi Final
Friday 27 May 7pm

Aviemore Thistle 2-4 Grantown Utd
Cromdale 2-1 Boat of Garten Ospreys

League Week 6
Tue 31 May 7pm

Boat of Garten Ospreys 0-4 Cromdale
Grantown Utd 0-2 Aviemore Thistle

McCook Cup Final
Friday 3 June 7:15pm (at Aviemore)
Grantown Utd 5-1 Cromdale

League Week 7
Tuesday 7 June 7:15pm

Aviemore Thistle 4-4 Tomatin Utd
Cromdale 0-3 Grantown Utd (walkover awarded)

Stuart Cup Round 1
Friday 10 June 7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 0-3 Grantown Utd

League Week 8
Tuesday 14 June 7:15pm

Grantown Utd 2-1 Boat of Garten Ospreys
Tomatin Utd 6-3 Cromdale

Stuart Cup Semi Final
Friday 17 June 7:15pm

Grantown Utd 4-5 Cromdale (AET)
Aviemore Thistle 6-2 Boat of Garten Ospreys

League Week 9
Tuesday 21 June 7:15pm

Cromdale 0-1 Aviemore Thistle
Boat of Garten Ospreys 3-3 Tomatin Utd

Stuart Cup Final
Friday 24 June 7:15pm (at Tomatin)
Cromdale 3-4 Aviemore Thistle (AET)

League Week 10
Tuesday 28 June 7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 1-10 Grantown Utd
Aviemore Thistle 4-2 Boat of Garten Ospreys

MacLean Cup First Round
Friday 1 July 7:15pm

Cromdale 0-3 Grantown Utd (walkover awarded)

League Week 11
Tuesday 5 July 7:15pm

Boat of Garten Ospreys 2-6 Cromdale
Aviemore Thistle 0-2 Grantown Utd

MacLean Cup Semi Final
Friday 8 July 7:15pm

Grantown Utd 6-2 Boat of Garten Ospreys
Aviemore Thistle 4-3 Tomatin Utd (AET)

League Week 12
Tuesday 12 July 7:15pm

Tomatin Utd 1-8 Aviemore Thistle
Grantown Utd 11-0 Cromdale

MacLean Cup Final
Friday 15 July 7:15pm (at Nethy Bridge)
Grantown Utd 4-5 Aviemore Thistle (AET)

League Week 13
Tuesday 19 July 7:15pm

Boat of Garten Ospreys 1-5 Grantown Utd
Cromdale 2-4 Tomatin Utd

Dalvey Cup 1st Round
Friday 22 July 7:15pm

Cromdale 8-3 Boat of Garten Ospreys

League Week 14
Tuesday 26 July 7:15pm

Aviemore Thistle 3-0 Cromdale (walkover awarded)
Tomatin Utd 4-4 Boat of Garten Ospreys

Dalvey Cup Semi Final
Friday 29 July 7:15pm

Cromdale 4-3 Aviemore Thistle
Grantown Utd 9-1 Tomatin Utd

League Week 15
Tuesday 2 August 7pm

Grantown Utd 4-1 Tomatin Utd
Boat of Garten Ospreys 5-5 Aviemore Thistle

Dalvey Cup Final
Friday 5 August 7pm (at Cromdale)
Cromdale 4-2 Grantown Utd

Grantown Utd12101159134631
Aviemore Thistle1283144212327
Tomatin Utd123453455-2113
Boat of Garten Ospreys120483154-234