Affiliated to the Scottish Football Association 2005

1. The Association shall be called the Strathspey & Badenoch Welfare Football Association.

2. Competitions run by the Association to be open to clubs in the area from Moy to Moy and Strathspey south of the Avon.

3.The Association to consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, all of whom will be elected each year at the AGM, and one member of each club in membership.

4. Membership of the Association will be by application only, from two representatives of the club at a full meeting.

5. Membership subscription to be decided at each AGM, such subscriptions to entitle the club to participate in the League and Cup competitions. The subscriptions to be paid before the start of each playing season.

6. All matches must be played on the dates fixed by the Association unless a change is authorised. Time of kick-off to be fixed by the Association.

7. Any club failing or refusing to play the club against which it is drawn in the league competition shall be fined £50 for each game not fulfilled. This fine, along with the points deduction, shall be paid to the Association, which will in turn pay the referee and other club’s expenses.

8. Any team failing to appear on the field within 20 minutes of advertised time, except where the cause of the delay is outwith its control, shall be fined £5.

9. All pitches to be marked in accordance with SFA rules.

10. A player will be considered eligible to play in any competition if he has resided 14 days in the current season in the area defined in rule 2 (except where the player’s main address is in the defined area). Change of address to a place even outwith the defined area will not make a player ineligible to play in any competition. Any signed player may be recalled from anywhere, even on the day of the match, to represent his club.

11. That in all matches the captains of the competing teams shall hand a copy to the referee, and to each other, a duplicate of the proper names of the players of the respective teams before kick-off.

12. The four office bearers of the Association to form a sub-committee, which will meet when required to deal with protests and emergency matters. In the event of a protest concerning rough play, this committee will be supplemented by at least 3 neutral members unless agreed otherwise.

13. The Association shall appoint referees for all ties. Club objections to such referees shall be invalid.

14. Gate money in league games belong to the home club. In cup ties, other than cup finals, gate money to be divided between contesting clubs after the referee has been paid. In Cup Finals, the gate money will be equally divided between contesting clubs and the Association after expenses have been paid.

15. Match fees for league games will be paid by both teams equally. In cup matches both teams participating shall pay half the match fees applicable, ie. referee’s match fees, travelling expenses etc.

16. The secretary of the Association to receive from the referee the teams lines signed by the referee, and the score recorded along with any disciplinary action taken during or after the game.

17. Notice of the club’s intention to scratch a fixture must be intimated to the secretary of the Association, and to the secretary of the opposing team, no later than 24 hours before the date and time fixed for playing the fixture.

18. In all cup ties, if at the end of the normal period of play the result is a draw, extra time will be played if the light allows (this will be decided by the referee). Failing this, the tie shall be decided by the taking of penalty kicks.


3 Bookings1 game suspension
5 Bookings2 game suspension
6 Bookings1 game suspension with disciplinary meeting to follow.
Foul or Abusive Language1 game suspension
Serious Foul Play2 game suspension
Attempting to punch an opponent3 game suspension
Attempting to kick an opponent3 game suspension
Attempting to strike an opponent3 game suspension
Pushing an opponent3 game suspension
Threatening / Aggresive Conduct3 game suspension
Elbowing an opponent in the body4 game suspension
Punching an opponent4 game suspension
Kicking an opponent4 game suspension
Striking an opponent4 game suspension
Violent Conduct8 game suspension
Elbowing an opponent in the face8 game suspension
More than 1 ordering offDisciplinary action taken with decision being made at a special disciplinary meeting.
CAUTION£1 fine

Suspensions for an ordering off will be automatic, with the chance to appeal at the next available meeting. If successful, the suspension handed out will be amended.

20. No more than three players signed to any Highland League club within that same calendar year can be fielded by any club under the auspices of the SBWFA.

21. The Constitution and Rules of the Scottish Welfare FA shall apply in all cases not incorporated in the above. The Strathspey & Badenoch Welfare FA has authority to deal with all matters which may arise. Acceptance of membership of the Association will also indicate acceptance of, and adherence to, the rules set out.