Sangster Cup rediscovered

An important piece of SBWFA history was recently unearthed with the rediscovery of the Sangster Cup.

The old trophy was the property of the original Boat of Garten FC, and first competed for back in the 1934/35 season when we played Winter football.

It’s been gathering dust in Kingussie’s Star Hotel ever since it was scooped by the town’s team in 2002 till Grantown United’s Andrew Paterson stumbled upon it.

The list of winners engraved upon it is:

1934/35 Nethybridge
1935/36 Boat of Garten
1936/37 Carrbridge
1937/38 Boat of Garten
1938/39 Boat of Garten
1946/47 Aviemore
1947/48 Nethybridge
1948/49 Aviemore
1949/50 Aviemore
1950/51 Aviemore
1951/52 Aviemore
1956/57 Aviemore
1957/58 aviemore
1958/59 Aviemore
1959/60 aviemore
1962 Dulian Bridge
1963 Aviemore
1964 Kingussie
1967 Grantown
1985 Nethybridge
1990 Carrbridge
1991 Boat of Garten
2000 Grantown United
2001 Carrbridge
2002 Kingussie

Does anyone else know the location of long-lost trophies like this? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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