2017 – season set for big kick off

The 2017 AGM was recently held in the Cairn Hotel in Carrbridge with a decent turnout as usual.

We were sorry to learn that Cromdale FC would not be participating this season, but their place has now been taken by new club Spey Valley Over 35s.  It was also agreed to allow more time for potential new clubs to join the ranks, and this paid off today with the inclusion of new side Aviemore FC.

This then gives us 6 teams for the season, which will ensure no club has the dreaded lie week and will keep the action flowing.

League games will be played on Tuesday evenings, and Cup games on Fridays. Same as before.  We’ll have 5 Cups this year, and these will be drawn and published along with the League schedule very soon.

Each club will be allowed to play a maximum of 5 substitutes per game. This increases the potential playing time for all players and will hopefully maintain interest.

Referee fees are £35 + 40p per mile expenses.  This fee will be split by the two clubs and must now be paid before each game kicks off, as agreed at the meeting. As ever clubs are expected to treat match officials with respect, as without them there would be no organised football.

Compulsory insurance is also a requirement and must be paid before the season kicks off as uninsured clubs will not be permitted to play under SWFA rules.  The total amounts payable (including League fees) are £209.50 (basic) or £250.00 (with broken bones cover).  Our thanks to those clubs which have already paid their dues.

The ‘3 player rule’ remains in force as it worked successfully last season. This means a club may only field a maximum of 3 players with 10 or more matches played in the Juniors or Highland League. Such players with less than 10 games under their belts are exempt.

It was also agreed in principle that a Welfare XI take on local junior side Spey Valley Utd at the end of the season. This will be explored further later on.

The Scottish FA has come down hard on recent reports of child abuse within football, and as such have introduced a mandatory policy where every player under the age of 18 requires a signed consent form in order to play.  Each club must also have a named individual who will act as the youth liaison. This instruction has been handed down from Hampden and there are no exceptions, as the SFA will severely punish any association not complying. The necessary paperwork has already been sent to each club and we urge them to return the forms ASAP.

The fixture list will be published shortly now numbers have finally been confirmed.

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